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Viscott at Night


Dr. Viscott’s early ’90’s live TV show on KNBC in LA came on after Saturday Night Live, Sunday mornings…

There are a bunch of David Viscott videos on YouTube!

He came on after Saturday Night Live in LA on KNBC. Taking calls from people up after midnight in LA in the early 90s,  including the nights and days of the LA riots after the Rodney King beating. The good doctor himself was carjacked and roughed up during this time, and talks about it on the show.

There are close to a hundred videos, each one consisting of one phone call, with Dr David addressing the caller directly into the TV camera…

The calls are about all kinds of things, as usual. The range is impressive: rape, incest, aliens, ghosts, and the more subtle and amazing calls that  leave me in tears. A woman named Dottie is one of the call screeners, who introduces the segments.

It’s live, and consequently there are technical glitches, and unintended glimpses into the doctor’s own personality, warts and all. Highly recommended!

To watch them all, you’ll need to go here and scroll down past the “Tribeca” videos:

They’re more or less chronological, so you might want to start with the first one on the list. Here it is – enjoy:



August 23, 2013 · 3:22 am


I still intend to present a few audio recordings of Dr. David Viscott from his LA-based talk radio show, just to share material unavailable elsewhere.  None of my recordings has an exact date, but they’re off radio KGU Honolulu, recorded live in LA in the early 90’s I think.




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Doctor David Viscott!

May 24, 1938 - October 10, 1996

May 24, 1938 – October 10, 1996

David Viscott died back in 1996. If you’d like to know more about his life and achievements, check out Wikipedia, or his autobiography, The Making of a Psychiatrist.

Dr. Viscott changed my life through his syndicated radio show, broadcasts though the 1980’s, demonstrating a “psychic” ability to cut to the root, past whatever the caller thinks they’re calling about, to the real source of the current problem.

The daily hour-long shows never failed to surprise me with the range of calls and Dr. Viscott’s uncanny intuitive disarming ability to identify and defuse just about every caller’s need. A short introductory talk often opened the show.

Long story short:  I taped these radio shows while I was living in Hawaii, and once even had the opportunity to hear Dr. Viscott speak at the Unity Church on Maui.

I will post the few audio samples I’ve collected off the radio and the single lecture I was able to record live.  Please forgive the sound-quality.  The better for you to listen closer …

If you have Dr. Viscott audio tapes of your own (not his comercial, copyrighted tape series), please share them. I can help you prepare them for the internet.

If you question the importance of this man’s work, listen – just listen.


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