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Let Them Off the Hook


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September 2, 2017 · 3:11 pm

Viscott at Night


Dr. Viscott’s early ’90’s live TV show on KNBC in LA came on after Saturday Night Live, Sunday mornings…

There are a bunch of David Viscott videos on YouTube!

He came on after Saturday Night Live in LA on KNBC. Taking calls from people up after midnight in LA in the early 90s,  including the nights and days of the LA riots after the Rodney King beating. The good doctor himself was carjacked and roughed up during this time, and talks about it on the show.

There are close to a hundred videos, each one consisting of one phone call, with Dr David addressing the caller directly into the TV camera…

The calls are about all kinds of things, as usual. The range is impressive: rape, incest, aliens, ghosts, and the more subtle and amazing calls that  leave me in tears. A woman named Dottie is one of the call screeners, who introduces the segments.

It’s live, and consequently there are technical glitches, and unintended glimpses into the doctor’s own personality, warts and all. Highly recommended!

To watch them all, you’ll need to go here and scroll down past the “Tribeca” videos:

They’re more or less chronological, so you might want to start with the first one on the list. Here it is – enjoy:


August 23, 2013 · 3:22 am